A passion handed down from father to son

The wine growers and producers are situated in the little hamlet called «Cesura di Trevozzo».

Here, grandfather Giovanni in the the first time of the 1900 years, made wine for his family, giving origin to a real tradition carried on by one of his two sons, Giacomo.

In the 1950, he increased and improved the business, building the winery and promoting his wines.

His sons, Mario and Luigi, became fond of this craft, keeping it up. Today Mario, Luigi and Loris, sons of Luigi, have one of the best winery of the territory of Piacenza.







The farms owns at present about 18 hectares of wineyards but it increase year by year. The larger part of the production concerns the prestigious red grapes but not lower is the dainty white grapes production.

In the vineyards the yelds are low and the harwest time carefully monitored, only the very best grapes are sent to the vinery where they are crushed and vinified using the very latest techniques and technologies.

New production technologies, experience in the vineyard and the respect of tradition, make it possible to produce high quality wines. The best of what nature offers, combined with love and hard work ensures that our wine is produced to maximum standards throughout production: from the grapes to the bottle.

The quality of our wine is recognized by a constant sale increase of the bottles and confirmed by the numerous visitors that arrive at our cellar throughout the whole year.